Main Task: Filming & Editing

So during our filming session on the 9th, we filmed numerous different shots such as:

  • Sparkler shots (memory)
  • Halloween shots (memory)
  • Packing with GF shot (memory)
  • Drunk shots (memory)

This allowed us to do a wide range of shot types, experimenting with how we want to transition and edit the shots, these are the shots we have experimented with so far:

  • Close Ups
  • Establishing shots
  • Over the shoulder shots
  • Wide shot
  • Tight Frame
  • Two shot
  • Low angle shot

Production log

So far we have already filmed the Limbo shots, which has allowed us to start editing and beginning our physical work of filming and editing. While looking through the limbo shots, we have found that there are some great shots that will work really well. The lighting which we thought about intensely, thinking if we wanted un natural lighting or more modest lighting from windows. As we came to the conclusion of un natural lighting, the white effect we have within our shots really works with the idea of Limbo and our characters look.


Ancillary 1 ideas

Ancillary 1 (the short film poster) I have looked at our storyboard and the shots and found the starting shot of the extreme close up on the main characters eye, I want to look more into depth with this idea because the main character with a white background will be a good idea for the genre of our short film. It doesn’t give the narrative away but also leads the audience to look more into the idea.