Ancillary 1 Research and Ideas

When looking at posters, I cam across this picture of the new up coming Passengers movie and found it was very similar to my idea, which game me inspiration to look more at more than one face for my poster, having the girlfriends face on the poster. This will add the the idea of romance within our genre. Where there is the close up of the faces, i will look at the faces and the set behind the faces, how close they will be and the editing going on them. passengers

Main task target audience

Through our genre and narrative, as a group we all sat down and decided what our target audience will be based on research on audiences.

Our target audience is based on our genre, because our genre is a mixed between Romance and Indie. Most romance movies are targets at teens to young adults, where the majority of that audience is female; the target age range between 15 -21.  With Indie movies, the age range is a bit older where we see there is a more mixed gender and the target audience is a bit older, ranging from 19-25.

With those to age ranges combined, our target audience is 15-21, female. This is an older teenager. This is because most Romances are based around novels, where females are more likely to read a romance novel than a male. This means females are more likely to see an adaptation of the novel.