Poster research

After deciding to change my plan for my poster, I wanted to look at movies using the computer animated style on posters. Not looking at the movies themselves but the way the picture animation. Looking at the posters with the human figures on them, I like the way there is still detail within their faces, so the audience can still see what chacter is who and how the associate the film (through the characters look) to the poster.

The similarities between each poster is very similar as they base their colour scheme of one or two basic colours, mostly seen in these pictures is red. I want to experiment with this idea and see if I want to base it on one colour or break the stereotypical idea and use more colours.

Main Task Name Ideas

After researching words on thesaurus and seeing what types of words cam up to help inspire us. We all found our own words and made a list to of what we would like as a name. This was our list:

  • Finally
  • Faded
  • Fading
  • Awaken
  • Isaac
  • Destination
  • Oblivion
  • Trigger
  • Evoke
  • Elicit


This is the result after having a vote with our target audience whom have been informed on what our narrative/plot is:


Production log

While thinking about our ancillaries, we all decided we needed to think of a name to help with the design of our ancillaries. After researching a load of words that associated with our idea, for example: death, life, limbo, end, memories, flashback etc etc and came up with a load of one worded names that we thought worked well with our short film.


Main Task – Reseach Ideas

After thinking about our prom shots, considering what shows the romance of this memory, I decided to look at the way other movies have represented the concept of prom. When looking at the shots we have so far, we have a lot of inside shots, which gives a un natural look. So I want to look at more outside light shots. I like the way a lot of the movies I have looked at have a lot of lights to sparkle and create a glow around the ‘couple’, for example the twilight picture with the fairy lights all over the gardens.

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Main Task Sound

During our lesson, as we are editing we are also thinking about sound and where within our scenes we will insert these sounds. Thinking about the way we want to have the editing influenced by the sound. This allows us to think during editing about how we want to edit the scenes to compliment the sound. So far we have found a range of sound effects for the beginning scene (The white sound), the sound during the memories and also the sounds during the montage. These are the sounds:

  • My love (piano loop)
  • Piano improvisation 2.
  • Calm synthesiser, B wav.
  • Slow introduction 0T22m
  • Marianna piano melody.wav
  • Lonely piano om-30p7h
  • Eerie background space.
  • Ambient.mp3
  • Funny goat sound.
  • cinematic intro IN5B
  • Ringing saws.wav
  • Ringing in the ears.

Ancillary 1 Research and Ideas

When looking at posters, I cam across this picture of the new up coming Passengers movie and found it was very similar to my idea, which game me inspiration to look more at more than one face for my poster, having the girlfriends face on the poster. This will add the the idea of romance within our genre. Where there is the close up of the faces, i will look at the faces and the set behind the faces, how close they will be and the editing going on them. passengers

Main Task Actors

So far, our group has decided on who our actors are going to be (based on their look for the characters), we wanted Isaac to (through his look) to be different from the generic actors, having a rememberable face. We chose Panashe, a semi professional actor. Though we don’t get marked on our acting, we have decided to have someone who is relatively good at acting to make it easier for our audiences to see the characters emotions towards the memories. Isaac is fun but does care about the way he looks.

For the girlfriend we plan to have Ellesha, for the role of Margo. Ellesha is a semi professional actor and has the look we want to portray with Margo, pretty but modest with a attitude. She has brown hair, is petite and fashionable.

There is the friends, whom we haven’t yet decided on who will play them, but we plan to have another male friend who will be in two different memories (the drunk shots and the gaming shots) and another girl in one of the memories (the drunk shot).

Main Task: location scouting

When thinking about where we plan to film, we all decided to film our houses and see from their availability and the look of the houses, where we want to film and whats best for our narrative. Trish, filmed within her house and garden, showing where we can film some of our shots. Arnold also filmed some of the areas of his house, to show what it would look like if we were to film within his house. And I filmed the outside area of my house as I feel the area around my house has a very satisfying and new vibe towards it, where we can film some of the outside shots.

Here is the filming we did for our locations: