Production log

Yesterday evening we filmed some of the remaining shots which we were in need of filming (the prom shots and the post it note shots). The shots came our very well, we found a new location which we felt worked with the idea of a romantic and fun prom. We thought of the idea of taking pictures while filming so that it had the sense of taking photos at prom.

Main Task – Reseach Ideas

After thinking about our prom shots, considering what shows the romance of this memory, I decided to look at the way other movies have represented the concept of prom. When looking at the shots we have so far, we have a lot of inside shots, which gives a un natural look. So I want to look at more outside light shots. I like the way a lot of the movies I have looked at have a lot of lights to sparkle and create a glow around the ‘couple’, for example the twilight picture with the fairy lights all over the gardens.

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