Ancilary 2 idea

When looking at what I want for my ancillary 2 work, I experimented with different types of photos I plan to use for my photo at the top. Looking at my short film, i took screenshots of my short film and looked at what suited my magazine cover. I found a picture which suited my bright limbo theme; the image I enhanced with Photoshop.


Production log

Yesterday evening we filmed some of the remaining shots which we were in need of filming (the prom shots and the post it note shots). The shots came our very well, we found a new location which we felt worked with the idea of a romantic and fun prom. We thought of the idea of taking pictures while filming so that it had the sense of taking photos at prom.


As today we are going to film two of our memories (the prom scene and the love at first sight seen). Today we are going to set up with the lights for the prom ready for the actors to arrive so we won’t need to rush putting up the scenery. This means we can be ready for our actors as it’ll be cold when we film.

Production log

As we have now got an idea for what our title will be Isaac as this is our main characters name, this gives our target audience a idea of what our narrative is about but doesn’t give too much away.

I am now editing some of the ancillary work we have done which includes the new title. This allows us a more realistic idea of what my ancillary will look like now that I know how much space the title will do consume within my poster.

Production Log

We are still editing, but looking at what we have done so far, we want to add some natural light to our piece which’ll add more of a realistic feel and show the audience the difference in days. During our soon filming days, we plan to film at more different ares.

For our gaming memory we want to go to another room, with the sun light more visible. We will be filming at Arnold’s home, using the space availability and the boyish look to it to add to the ‘gaming’ scene. As well as this we want to film our prom memory shot where we want to be outside in the open area, just before sunset thistle give the effect of romance within the memory.

Production Log

We are still editing our shots, cutting a significant amount of the shots down to fit the show 5 minute time frame. There is a lot cutting to do so as a group we are all sitting together to cut them to a point which we all want. We plan to have two edited versions of the short film, one which’ll be the time limit of 5 minutes and the other which’ll be our directors cut which’ll be longer.