Ancilary 1 layout

When looking at my new idea for what I plan to do for my poster, i decided to make a layout of the way the poster will look. Seeing a generic design and going from there. poster layout.pngThough the image doesn’t show the actual images, I plan to use the Photoshop filter Artistic Cutout to get a animated, drawn like affect, to make the images more interesting. screenshotmedia-png334


Ancillary 1 photos

While doing filming I individually got both my acts to pose for my ancillary poster so that I could have the images which’ll allow me to work and finish of my final draft for my poster. These are the images I took, I will go through them all and find two that I like the most.


As today we are going to film two of our memories (the prom scene and the love at first sight seen). Today we are going to set up with the lights for the prom ready for the actors to arrive so we won’t need to rush putting up the scenery. This means we can be ready for our actors as it’ll be cold when we film.

Main Task Name Ideas

After researching words on thesaurus and seeing what types of words cam up to help inspire us. We all found our own words and made a list to of what we would like as a name. This was our list:

  • Finally
  • Faded
  • Fading
  • Awaken
  • Isaac
  • Destination
  • Oblivion
  • Trigger
  • Evoke
  • Elicit


This is the result after having a vote with our target audience whom have been informed on what our narrative/plot is:


Production Log

We are still editing, but looking at what we have done so far, we want to add some natural light to our piece which’ll add more of a realistic feel and show the audience the difference in days. During our soon filming days, we plan to film at more different ares.

For our gaming memory we want to go to another room, with the sun light more visible. We will be filming at Arnold’s home, using the space availability and the boyish look to it to add to the ‘gaming’ scene. As well as this we want to film our prom memory shot where we want to be outside in the open area, just before sunset thistle give the effect of romance within the memory.

Ancillary 1

After looking up posters and seeing the way movies with similar genres have taken the idea of the extreme close up of the eyes. I made a quick mock up of what the poster will look like, using my own pictures and editing them via photoshop to add that bright effect that w are continually throughout the limbo. I like this poster mock up as theres the eye closeness and detail that draws the audience in.

I want to make more mock ups, showing more ways to make the poster and whats the best idea for my poster.mock up 1.jpg