Main task – audience feedback

Plot Twists

When looking at the questionnaires we did, the audience feedback was very keen on the idea of plot twists which is good because the plot twist of him being stuck in limbo and not dead ‘yet’. My team and I want to look more at the narrative of our story and how we can twist the narrative, making it less generic and more drawing towards our target audience.


When looking at the audience feedback for genres, it was very clear that people liked comedy and romance the most. We want to use these genres for our main idea, as the sub genres of our memories/throwbacks are all different. Some will be funny and some will be romantic and others will be sad. Because we want look at someones full life story and that means representing the bad bits of someones life swell as the good bits.

Important movie bits

When looking at whats good within a movie and audiences look at when watching a movie, we saw that the characters is a very large influence on audiences viewing a film/sort film. This means we have to think about the way we show the narrative of the characters and the development of characters emotional and through their age will influence the audience emotionally as they have connections with the characters, sharing similar experiences.

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