Main Task Pops for Each Scene

Shots in limbo:

Video game controller
Post-it note
Dog collar
Alcohol bottle
Video Game:

Video game controller
Video game
Video game accessories

Meeting Girlfriend:

Post-it note
Revison notes/books
Other Revision things

Playing with dog:

Dog toys

Drunk for the first time:

Alcohol bottles


Prom dress

Halloween night:

Halloween costumes
Halloween decorations

Accident in reality:

Fake blood
Smashed glass

Last shot in limbo:

Fake blood
White pillow case
Bloody clothes

Main Task: Proplist

When looking at the memories we plan to shoot, we will have a lot of different props for the transitions between limbo and memories. There are a lot of different stimulous for our memories (all of which are physical teams). So we decided we needed to make a prop list which allows us tot know exactly what we need to start filming.

Prop List:

  • Post-it note (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Polaroid photo (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Game controller (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Dog Collar (memory stimulus/ attire for dog)
  • Tie (memory stimulus/wardrobe)
  • Empty Alcohol bottle (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Polaroid (prop)
  • Game console (prop)
  • Dog (prop)
  • Fake blood (prop)
  • Sparklers (props)
  • Suit case (prop/stimulus)
  • Men clothing (prop)

Set props:

  • Mirror (tie scene)
  • Basic bed (limbo)
  • Desk (limbo)
  • Stand (limbo)
  • White bed sheets (limbo)


  • Panashe Limbo – White top/t-shirt and white/black trousers
  • Ellesha Halloween – Halloween makeup and normal clothing
  • Panashe Halloween – Halloween makeup (same as Ellesha) and normal clothing
  • Ellesha Prom – Prom dress (formal)
  • Panashe Prom – Black suit (formal)
  • Panashe drunk – generic clothing
  • Friends drunk – generic clothing
  • Panashe video games – generic clothing
  • Panashe packing – generic clothing
  • Ellesha packing – generic clothing

Production Log

We decides to change one of our shots, the dog scene where we planned to have the main character Isaac playing with his dog. We decided to change this scene to a more romantic scene with his girlfriend packing for a holiday. This will keep the theme of romanticism. We had to change the scene because we are unable to get a hold of a dog and we found the more romantic scene was better for our narrative with the genre of memories.

Production Log

We have started to look at the memories and deciding how they will be good within our narrative, we want to discuss the ways we wish to present them and within each order. Though we have decided on all our memories will be good memories for our character Isaac, we need to decide what memories will be most relatable for our audience to have more emotional pleasures when watching our short film

Production Log

When deciding what memories we were going to use during our short film, we wanted audience feedback so we decided we got together a group of 12 people who are our target audience and let them choose 4 of their favourite memories. This is the out come: thumbnail_img_6883.jpgthumbnail_img_6884.jpgthumbnail_img_6885.jpg