Main task – planning

We went through our ideas for memories mind map and chose the memories we thought would be the most effective to what theme we are going with this short film, we all thought about the idea of not being generic memories because it makes the short film less generic and more interesting with our audience, these are the memories we decided on:

  • Packing for a holiday (good) – In the bedroom
  • Drunk, burry memories (funny) – Outside
  • Playing video games (good) – Bedroom
  • Polaroid pictures (good/Romantic) – Bedroom
  • Messages from girlfriend (bad) – Outside
  • Getting ready for an interview (good/stressed) – Mirror
  • Being with their pet (good) – Outside
  • Arguing with girlfriend (bad) – Inside/outside
  • Prom pictures (good) – Outside

We also decided that each of these memories would be up to 20 seconds long (3 minutes together). This is because we thought that the shots where the character was in limbo shouldn’t be too long as there wouldn’t be much to show other than the cues to the memories and reactions to them.