Production Log

We are still editing, but looking at what we have done so far, we want to add some natural light to our piece which’ll add more of a realistic feel and show the audience the difference in days. During our soon filming days, we plan to film at more different ares.

For our gaming memory we want to go to another room, with the sun light more visible. We will be filming at Arnold’s home, using the space availability and the boyish look to it to add to the ‘gaming’ scene. As well as this we want to film our prom memory shot where we want to be outside in the open area, just before sunset thistle give the effect of romance within the memory.

Main Task filming dates

As a group with our actors we have decided on the days which we wish to film, this will help us with our filming and organisation for what we need to prioritise with our filming, looking at what is most likely to go wrong, giving us time to re film at a later date.

Our filming days/hours:

  • Sunday 6th November – 6:00- 9:00pm > all of our Limbo shots, 1 memory shot (Gaming shot , two actors, Panashe and Arnold)

Location : Trash’s bedroom

  • Wednesday 9th November – 6:00 – 9;00pm > Memory (Drunk shots), memory (Sparkler shot), memory (Halloween), and any limbo shots that need to be re done.

Location Trish’s house + Field

  • Thursday 10th November – 3:00- 5:00pm > memory (Prom shots), memory (library)

Location: School and Local Library

  • Sunday 13th November – 9:30 – 11:30am > reality (Accident shot), memory (packing shot)

Location: Trish’s house + street area

Main Task: location scouting

When thinking about where we plan to film, we all decided to film our houses and see from their availability and the look of the houses, where we want to film and whats best for our narrative. Trish, filmed within her house and garden, showing where we can film some of our shots. Arnold also filmed some of the areas of his house, to show what it would look like if we were to film within his house. And I filmed the outside area of my house as I feel the area around my house has a very satisfying and new vibe towards it, where we can film some of the outside shots.

Here is the filming we did for our locations: