Production log

In the next few days we plan to film the remaining few memories and re filming the shots that needed to be re-filmed. On Monday 16th we will be filming the prom memory and the post it note memory.

On Tuesday 17th we will be re filming the limbo shots what went wrong and also the final memory of the video gaming memory.

Production log

So far we have already filmed the Limbo shots, which has allowed us to start editing and beginning our physical work of filming and editing. While looking through the limbo shots, we have found that there are some great shots that will work really well. The lighting which we thought about intensely, thinking if we wanted un natural lighting or more modest lighting from windows. As we came to the conclusion of un natural lighting, the white effect we have within our shots really works with the idea of Limbo and our characters look.


Main Task: Filming and editing

Yesterday we filmed most of Limbo shots, currently we are editing the limbo shots into Final cut and putting in place holders for the pieces that we haven’t filmed yet. This will allow us know for future reference when we have filmed the shots so we can just crop and replace the holders.

After going through all the shots that we have taken, there is still a few bits for limbo that  we need to continue filming with. As well as re shooting shots such as:

  • Walking towards the alcohol bottle
  • Taking the polaroid picture from the side
  • Walking towards the suitcase
  • Car crash shot
  • Looking in mirror
  • Opening door

Main Task: Proplist

When looking at the memories we plan to shoot, we will have a lot of different props for the transitions between limbo and memories. There are a lot of different stimulous for our memories (all of which are physical teams). So we decided we needed to make a prop list which allows us tot know exactly what we need to start filming.

Prop List:

  • Post-it note (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Polaroid photo (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Game controller (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Dog Collar (memory stimulus/ attire for dog)
  • Tie (memory stimulus/wardrobe)
  • Empty Alcohol bottle (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Polaroid (prop)
  • Game console (prop)
  • Dog (prop)
  • Fake blood (prop)
  • Sparklers (props)
  • Suit case (prop/stimulus)
  • Men clothing (prop)

Set props:

  • Mirror (tie scene)
  • Basic bed (limbo)
  • Desk (limbo)
  • Stand (limbo)
  • White bed sheets (limbo)


  • Panashe Limbo – White top/t-shirt and white/black trousers
  • Ellesha Halloween – Halloween makeup and normal clothing
  • Panashe Halloween – Halloween makeup (same as Ellesha) and normal clothing
  • Ellesha Prom – Prom dress (formal)
  • Panashe Prom – Black suit (formal)
  • Panashe drunk – generic clothing
  • Friends drunk – generic clothing
  • Panashe video games – generic clothing
  • Panashe packing – generic clothing
  • Ellesha packing – generic clothing