Main Task: location scouting

When thinking about where we plan to film, we all decided to film our houses and see from their availability and the look of the houses, where we want to film and whats best for our narrative. Trish, filmed within her house and garden, showing where we can film some of our shots. Arnold also filmed some of the areas of his house, to show what it would look like if we were to film within his house. And I filmed the outside area of my house as I feel the area around my house has a very satisfying and new vibe towards it, where we can film some of the outside shots.

Here is the filming we did for our locations:

Main task research

When researching, my partner accidentally came across a short film that has a similar theme/genre/idea that we are going towards. So thinking about how the makers of this short film, I wanted to talk about how they have influenced us with how we want to create our short story.

Looking at the way its been filmed, I like the idea of the white room. Though we already thought of the idea of a white area for our character, the light effect really works with limbo, the character looks directly as the camera, talking to the camera as though either a computer or talking to the audience. The character wants to know everything about his life, things he wasn’t aware of. This leads to memories and answers to his life.

I like the way this piece has been edited, especially the way the man begins ‘What time is it’ and the next shot is clocks with all different times from all over the world. This short film has very high quality shots, as well is the editing that created this. Editing is very important to us as we want to show the difference between limbo and our characters memories, the memories will be bright, colourful and happy (When the memory is a happy memory), but also want to look at the way we transition our shots.

We want to do some similar shots, especially the transition between the tree (look at the screenshot below). This transition works well with our idea because we can use this transition to go from limbo to life (memory) we can have our character walking and he could walk past the character which’ll lead onto the next shot of the memory, as we wont need to have all of our shots be influenced by a object, it’ll help move on with our short story.