Main task target audience

Through our genre and narrative, as a group we all sat down and decided what our target audience will be based on research on audiences.

Our target audience is based on our genre, because our genre is a mixed between Romance and Indie. Most romance movies are targets at teens to young adults, where the majority of that audience is female; the target age range between 15 -21.  With Indie movies, the age range is a bit older where we see there is a more mixed gender and the target audience is a bit older, ranging from 19-25.

With those to age ranges combined, our target audience is 15-21, female. This is an older teenager. This is because most Romances are based around novels, where females are more likely to read a romance novel than a male. This means females are more likely to see an adaptation of the novel.

Coursework proposal: Initial ideas and research

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I personally would prefer to do a short film indie genre movie because of the more range the narrative can be,  so I decided to think about things I like that are indie based and inspire me within images, movies, games, stories and people. Below is a picture taken during the magic hour (sunset), this inspires me with the idea of using forests for the beams of light shining own which leads to a visual pleasing effect.

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