Production Log

We are still editing our shots, cutting a significant amount of the shots down to fit the show 5 minute time frame. There is a lot cutting to do so as a group we are all sitting together to cut them to a point which we all want. We plan to have two edited versions of the short film, one which’ll be the time limit of 5 minutes and the other which’ll be our directors cut which’ll be longer.

Main Task: editing

When looking at editing, we are also playing around with filters seeing if they work well with the idea of limbo the way we want to portray it. As we are editing, we are also looking a shots and putting filters on them. This is what we have played around with so far:

Filters- advantages and disadvantages:

GLORY: As a team we all liked Glory as a filter to have during all of our Limbo shots, this filter gives a glow around all the subjects/objects. This gave the affect of having an unrealistic world, which compliments idea Limbo between life and death.

ARTIFACTS: Artifacts is very similar to the filter ‘Glory’ but distracts the audiences with the one side colour change, which looks like the lighting is over exposed. We don’t think we will be having this filter because we preferred Glory even more.

COMBAT: Though this is similar to Glory, is has a darker filter which when there are darker areas of the surface then it deepens the colour. I don’t like this for our piece because our idea of Limbo is unnaturally bright, this juxtaposes our idea.

HIGHLIGHTS: When looking at Highlights, there seems to be a white shine moving across the shot. This is very distracting towards the audiences so I’m not sure we want to use it.

HARDLIGHT: This filter looks at dark, doing opposite from what Glory. though this is a goof effect, it overwhelms the character where because of his colour of his skin it exposes the shot where we want to show the un natural world.

INTRO FLASHES: Looking at intro flashes, I like this filter personally because it shows his pain, it follows well with the idea of the character being in pain, the fast flashes give that idea of inserting pain. I want to use this for when he wishes to show pain, adding to the effect of emotions swell as the actors skills.

SHARPEN: This filter is very generic filter, but because of the footage we tok, there was a lot of sound within this shot so using the sharpen filter has helped make the shot better.

FADED SUN: The filter on this effect which is pinkish, doesn’t work with the rest of the dark areas which has be enhanced by the filter. Though its a nice filter, it makes the footage too dark.

BLACK AND WHITE: I personally really like this filter as the b/w affect does compliment the idea of limbo. Though I do like this idea of black and white for the Limbo world, it feels too generic for out miss en scenes. Furthermore if Glory doesn’t work well with our shots we may choose Black and White.

CARTOON: Where this filter creates a soft matte sharpen, I liked the look of this because of the makeup that is sharpened and feels a lot more fun for the audience. But we will not be using it because it doesn’t go with the other shots with the flow of colours.

CROSS HATCH: Though we don’t plan to use this shot or the filter, I really liked this filter because its look adds a glow to the effect of the lighting and if we had a scene like that we would properly use this filter.

VISUAL ECHO: Looking at this filter, it looks really good with the sparkler scene because it make the echo effect with the lighting of the sparklers which were unable tot replicate during filming. We plan to use this with the sparkler scene because it has really worked with the shots we have taken, making them more visually pleasing.


Main Task: editing

As me and my team have now got shots to edit, while we are cutting and shortening the shots that we have filmed, we are all taking turns to edit and share our opinions on each bit of the film, so we all like the end result. But when we are doing this, we are all on Final Cut Pro working on adding to the affect of Limbo and looking at the available filters that suit our concept of limbo.

Here is some of the screenshots that we have, with filters on them.

Main Task: Proplist

When looking at the memories we plan to shoot, we will have a lot of different props for the transitions between limbo and memories. There are a lot of different stimulous for our memories (all of which are physical teams). So we decided we needed to make a prop list which allows us tot know exactly what we need to start filming.

Prop List:

  • Post-it note (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Polaroid photo (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Game controller (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Dog Collar (memory stimulus/ attire for dog)
  • Tie (memory stimulus/wardrobe)
  • Empty Alcohol bottle (memory stimulus/prop)
  • Polaroid (prop)
  • Game console (prop)
  • Dog (prop)
  • Fake blood (prop)
  • Sparklers (props)
  • Suit case (prop/stimulus)
  • Men clothing (prop)

Set props:

  • Mirror (tie scene)
  • Basic bed (limbo)
  • Desk (limbo)
  • Stand (limbo)
  • White bed sheets (limbo)


  • Panashe Limbo – White top/t-shirt and white/black trousers
  • Ellesha Halloween – Halloween makeup and normal clothing
  • Panashe Halloween – Halloween makeup (same as Ellesha) and normal clothing
  • Ellesha Prom – Prom dress (formal)
  • Panashe Prom – Black suit (formal)
  • Panashe drunk – generic clothing
  • Friends drunk – generic clothing
  • Panashe video games – generic clothing
  • Panashe packing – generic clothing
  • Ellesha packing – generic clothing

Main task – audience feedback

Plot Twists

When looking at the questionnaires we did, the audience feedback was very keen on the idea of plot twists which is good because the plot twist of him being stuck in limbo and not dead ‘yet’. My team and I want to look more at the narrative of our story and how we can twist the narrative, making it less generic and more drawing towards our target audience.


When looking at the audience feedback for genres, it was very clear that people liked comedy and romance the most. We want to use these genres for our main idea, as the sub genres of our memories/throwbacks are all different. Some will be funny and some will be romantic and others will be sad. Because we want look at someones full life story and that means representing the bad bits of someones life swell as the good bits.

Important movie bits

When looking at whats good within a movie and audiences look at when watching a movie, we saw that the characters is a very large influence on audiences viewing a film/sort film. This means we have to think about the way we show the narrative of the characters and the development of characters emotional and through their age will influence the audience emotionally as they have connections with the characters, sharing similar experiences.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 09.16.51.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-18 at 09.17.11.png