Ancillary 1

These are two drafts that I made, looking at the design for my poster. Though I like the use of the font, i don’t think it works well with the design making it look too abstract so I will have to think more in depth about the font and the way I position the title. I need to get the actual pictures of the actors so I can get a more clear image of how my poster is going to look.

I prefer the second draft as it looks more professional and designed with the poster writing at the bottom.

ancillary 1, drafting

When thinking about the layout for my poster, I start to edit the example pictures to the format which is my final choice for my poster design. With the inspiration of Passengers, this is my first draft of what my movie poster will look like.

Looking at this poster, I like the format which has been used. The title works, but as this is my first draft I want to change a couple of things to make it more natural. first-draft-ideas

Ancillary 2 Planning

After looking at other double page spreads for movies, from magazines. I made a quick mock up of what I want my double page spread to look like, considering my genre of romantic/indie and what my target audience will like more than other designs. This is my quick sketch on what I plan to do for my magazine spread: thumbnail_FullSizeRender.jpgWhen looking at what type of pictures I want to use, I thought using both  in a subtle framing will work well. Though I plan to use more still shots from main piece I plan to have one behind the scene image to show the article isn’t just a review on the movie but telling the audience the facts about making the movie and about the making movie.