Ancillary 2 Evidence

While editing my double page spread, i was able to save drafts of the progression of my editing. This allowed me to correct mistakes that might be executed through the process. When creating this double page spread, the hardest part of it was the editing the fading background in as the colouring changed and there was still a hint of blue within the background. I had to crop the right side of the picture so the face was completely on one side of the picture. This was because the face would have been split in half if in the middle.


Main Task filming and props


Yesterday we filmed the remaining shots within limbo, as well as the last  memory (the gaming shot). This has allowed us to finish off the coursework editing.

As well as filming the scenes, we had to make props (such as blood) to help with the scene of our main character coming out of his memories into reality. We had to get caster sugar, food colouring and a drop of water. as blood is very thick and dark we had to use a lot of blood and food colouring, red and black, to make more of a realistic effect on the camera.

Though the cuts on the actors face aren’t realistic, we made a thick blood liquid that we placed onto the actors face.

Here is some of the evidence shots:

Production Log

We plan for the remaining of the week to continue working through our editing, until we have done the rest of our shots. As well as editing our main piece, we will be editing a timeline of shots, looking at the sound and whats the best filter for our piece, analysis within a blog post what went well with each filter, comparing all of them

Main Task: editing

As me and my team have now got shots to edit, while we are cutting and shortening the shots that we have filmed, we are all taking turns to edit and share our opinions on each bit of the film, so we all like the end result. But when we are doing this, we are all on Final Cut Pro working on adding to the affect of Limbo and looking at the available filters that suit our concept of limbo.

Here is some of the screenshots that we have, with filters on them.

Main Task: Filming & Editing

So during our filming session on the 9th, we filmed numerous different shots such as:

  • Sparkler shots (memory)
  • Halloween shots (memory)
  • Packing with GF shot (memory)
  • Drunk shots (memory)

This allowed us to do a wide range of shot types, experimenting with how we want to transition and edit the shots, these are the shots we have experimented with so far:

  • Close Ups
  • Establishing shots
  • Over the shoulder shots
  • Wide shot
  • Tight Frame
  • Two shot
  • Low angle shot