Poster research

After deciding to change my plan for my poster, I wanted to look at movies using the computer animated style on posters. Not looking at the movies themselves but the way the picture animation. Looking at the posters with the human figures on them, I like the way there is still detail within their faces, so the audience can still see what chacter is who and how the associate the film (through the characters look) to the poster.

The similarities between each poster is very similar as they base their colour scheme of one or two basic colours, mostly seen in these pictures is red. I want to experiment with this idea and see if I want to base it on one colour or break the stereotypical idea and use more colours.

Ancilary 1 layout

When looking at my new idea for what I plan to do for my poster, i decided to make a layout of the way the poster will look. Seeing a generic design and going from there. poster layout.pngThough the image doesn’t show the actual images, I plan to use the Photoshop filter Artistic Cutout to get a animated, drawn like affect, to make the images more interesting. screenshotmedia-png334

Ancillary 2 Planning

After looking at other double page spreads for movies, from magazines. I made a quick mock up of what I want my double page spread to look like, considering my genre of romantic/indie and what my target audience will like more than other designs. This is my quick sketch on what I plan to do for my magazine spread: thumbnail_FullSizeRender.jpgWhen looking at what type of pictures I want to use, I thought using both  in a subtle framing will work well. Though I plan to use more still shots from main piece I plan to have one behind the scene image to show the article isn’t just a review on the movie but telling the audience the facts about making the movie and about the making movie.