Coursework proposal -Pitching our ideas

After finally thinking of a good enough idea, my team and I decided record our ideas talking to one another about our ideas and what we like about each others work and combining our ideas and developing them. here below our our individual pitching ideas and then our discussion about them.



Mine (Charlotte):



Our group discussion:

We all decided on my ideas,

Coursework Proposal: Initial Ideas

Since my last post, my group and I have decide we wanted to go down the idea of a flash back themed short film, so individually we went onto making our own story lines and what we individually liked.

I have been thinking about this, and I have an idea for which to do a romance genre for the flashback idea. This could be with a man looking back on his memories through his life and then there could be a plot twist to throw off the audience. We would probably have a boy and  girl in love, as well as other memories which this man would have. Throughout the shot film the audience would believe that the girl would be dying/dead, but then we would have have a zoom in on the man’s face as he closes his eyes then zoom out and he would be in a hospital bed, with the love interest weeping beside him, while his ‘soul’  stands over the body and the lover.

The message within this piece would be memories, involving the idea that we (the audience) should cherish our memories and those within them.

I will be doing more research into the idea of memories and flashback, looking more into the genre we want to progress into and and then do feedback to my group and see what they think of my idea.

Coursework proposal: Initial ideas and research

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I personally would prefer to do a short film indie genre movie because of the more range the narrative can be,  so I decided to think about things I like that are indie based and inspire me within images, movies, games, stories and people. Below is a picture taken during the magic hour (sunset), this inspires me with the idea of using forests for the beams of light shining own which leads to a visual pleasing effect.

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