Main Task Actors

So far, our group has decided on who our actors are going to be (based on their look for the characters), we wanted Isaac to (through his look) to be different from the generic actors, having a rememberable face. We chose Panashe, a semi professional actor. Though we don’t get marked on our acting, we have decided to have someone who is relatively good at acting to make it easier for our audiences to see the characters emotions towards the memories. Isaac is fun but does care about the way he looks.

For the girlfriend we plan to have Ellesha, for the role of Margo. Ellesha is a semi professional actor and has the look we want to portray with Margo, pretty but modest with a attitude. She has brown hair, is petite and fashionable.

There is the friends, whom we haven’t yet decided on who will play them, but we plan to have another male friend who will be in two different memories (the drunk shots and the gaming shots) and another girl in one of the memories (the drunk shot).