Coursework proposal -Pitching our ideas

After finally thinking of a good enough idea, my team and I decided record our ideas talking to one another about our ideas and what we like about each others work and combining our ideas and developing them. here below our our individual pitching ideas and then our discussion about them.



Mine (Charlotte):



Our group discussion:

We all decided on my ideas,

Coursework proposal: Initial ideas and research

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I personally would prefer to do a short film indie genre movie because of the more range the narrative can be,  so I decided to think about things I like that are indie based and inspire me within images, movies, games, stories and people. Below is a picture taken during the magic hour (sunset), this inspires me with the idea of using forests for the beams of light shining own which leads to a visual pleasing effect.

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Production blog – Groups

After finding out I wanted to do a short film for my course work brief,  a group of people and I have decided to work as a group. Trishila, who  I worked well with last year will be joining me again to make a short film; also Arnold who is from my class from last year is joining our team. We get on well and hopefully will produce a high quality product.


Production log – Brief

A short film in its entirely, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animated or a combination of both, together with two of the following three options:

  • A poster for the film; 
  • A radio trailer for the film; 
  • A film magazine review page featuring the film.  


(The one in bold are the ones which I have chosen)