Main Task Finished

Finally we have now finished our media product. After finally finishing the sound editing and going over it, looking at what my target audience thought would work better, I am able to edit the remaining diegetic sound to finish the sound.

Ancillary 2 Evidence

While editing my double page spread, i was able to save drafts of the progression of my editing. This allowed me to correct mistakes that might be executed through the process. When creating this double page spread, the hardest part of it was the editing the fading background in as the colouring changed and there was still a hint of blue within the background. I had to crop the right side of the picture so the face was completely on one side of the picture. This was because the face would have been split in half if in the middle.

Main Task Sound

During our lesson, as we are editing we are also thinking about sound and where within our scenes we will insert these sounds. Thinking about the way we want to have the editing influenced by the sound. This allows us to think during editing about how we want to edit the scenes to compliment the sound. So far we have found a range of sound effects for the beginning scene (The white sound), the sound during the memories and also the sounds during the montage. These are the sounds:

  • My love (piano loop)
  • Piano improvisation 2.
  • Calm synthesiser, B wav.
  • Slow introduction 0T22m
  • Marianna piano melody.wav
  • Lonely piano om-30p7h
  • Eerie background space.
  • Ambient.mp3
  • Funny goat sound.
  • cinematic intro IN5B
  • Ringing saws.wav
  • Ringing in the ears.

Main Task – research

When looking at short films, I found this short film very emotional and thought provoking, the concept behind the narrative is emotional through the point of a child who’s been abused and going through the care system and been separated from her younger brother. Looking at this short film, the main character who has the internal monologue has a very deep character as the writers have also taken into account that this girl is young, her views will be biased and I think this adds to the effect of a child who’s gone to such a brutal early life which leads to trust issues even if they don’t understand whats going on (which is shown within the video).

A lot of the shot types are pans which is what we

Ancillary 1 – ideas

When looking at the image I have found through filming, I want to edit the rest of the picture around the face to completely white because right now theres the creases of the pillow and only one of his ears have been shown. I want to enhance the picture to show the ¬†fine details and then crop the picture a tiny bit more. This will tighten the picture. This image has the ‘Glory’ filter from final cut pro, I may enhance this filter to see what the image will look like and then play around with the ares which the titles will be.

I want bold black titles and black actors subtitles to see how they turn out. This will be on both sides of the head where there is white and a lot smaller than the title.