Main Task: editing

When looking at editing, we are also playing around with filters seeing if they work well with the idea of limbo the way we want to portray it. As we are editing, we are also looking a shots and putting filters on them. This is what we have played around with so far:

Filters- advantages and disadvantages:

GLORY: As a team we all liked Glory as a filter to have during all of our Limbo shots, this filter gives a glow around all the subjects/objects. This gave the affect of having an unrealistic world, which compliments idea Limbo between life and death.

ARTIFACTS: Artifacts is very similar to the filter ‘Glory’ but distracts the audiences with the one side colour change, which looks like the lighting is over exposed. We don’t think we will be having this filter because we preferred Glory even more.

COMBAT: Though this is similar to Glory, is has a darker filter which when there are darker areas of the surface then it deepens the colour. I don’t like this for our piece because our idea of Limbo is unnaturally bright, this juxtaposes our idea.

HIGHLIGHTS: When looking at Highlights, there seems to be a white shine moving across the shot. This is very distracting towards the audiences so I’m not sure we want to use it.

HARDLIGHT: This filter looks at dark, doing opposite from what Glory. though this is a goof effect, it overwhelms the character where because of his colour of his skin it exposes the shot where we want to show the un natural world.

INTRO FLASHES: Looking at intro flashes, I like this filter personally because it shows his pain, it follows well with the idea of the character being in pain, the fast flashes give that idea of inserting pain. I want to use this for when he wishes to show pain, adding to the effect of emotions swell as the actors skills.

SHARPEN: This filter is very generic filter, but because of the footage we tok, there was a lot of sound within this shot so using the sharpen filter has helped make the shot better.

FADED SUN: The filter on this effect which is pinkish, doesn’t work with the rest of the dark areas which has be enhanced by the filter. Though its a nice filter, it makes the footage too dark.

BLACK AND WHITE: I personally really like this filter as the b/w affect does compliment the idea of limbo. Though I do like this idea of black and white for the Limbo world, it feels too generic for out miss en scenes. Furthermore if Glory doesn’t work well with our shots we may choose Black and White.

CARTOON: Where this filter creates a soft matte sharpen, I liked the look of this because of the makeup that is sharpened and feels a lot more fun for the audience. But we will not be using it because it doesn’t go with the other shots with the flow of colours.

CROSS HATCH: Though we don’t plan to use this shot or the filter, I really liked this filter because its look adds a glow to the effect of the lighting and if we had a scene like that we would properly use this filter.

VISUAL ECHO: Looking at this filter, it looks really good with the sparkler scene because it make the echo effect with the lighting of the sparklers which were unable tot replicate during filming. We plan to use this with the sparkler scene because it has really worked with the shots we have taken, making them more visually pleasing.


Main Task Sound

During our lesson, as we are editing we are also thinking about sound and where within our scenes we will insert these sounds. Thinking about the way we want to have the editing influenced by the sound. This allows us to think during editing about how we want to edit the scenes to compliment the sound. So far we have found a range of sound effects for the beginning scene (The white sound), the sound during the memories and also the sounds during the montage. These are the sounds:

  • My love (piano loop)
  • Piano improvisation 2.
  • Calm synthesiser, B wav.
  • Slow introduction 0T22m
  • Marianna piano melody.wav
  • Lonely piano om-30p7h
  • Eerie background space.
  • Ambient.mp3
  • Funny goat sound.
  • cinematic intro IN5B
  • Ringing saws.wav
  • Ringing in the ears.

Main Task Editing

So as we have two filming days, we had decided to put them all into Final Cut Pro to allow us see how long our sequence is so far and how we need to think about the remaining shots we need to film and how we will then will film the others shots to make the transitions smooth. We also; because we didn’t have all of our shots, put in placeholders to show the where the needed shots will be. screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-16-11.png