Ancilary 2 idea

When looking at what I want for my ancillary 2 work, I experimented with different types of photos I plan to use for my photo at the top. Looking at my short film, i took screenshots of my short film and looked at what suited my magazine cover. I found a picture which suited my bright limbo theme; the image I enhanced with Photoshop.

Editing Poster

While editing my poster, I screen shot some of my progress to show how I am editing, using Photoshop and the filter ‘Cutout’ to create the cartoon-ish effect. I used screenshots from the filming to create a montage of memories. I chose to only focus on the memories as it would juxtapose the magazine double page spread I am making.


Ancillary 2 Production Log

Looking at the set up for my double page spread, I know the type of images that I am using but I believe that the set out is important so I want to look at different sets.

Here is some digital ideas for my ancillary work:

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.48.14.png
As much as I like this set out I feel like there is a lot things going on within this double page spread, feeling more like an action genre would have to look like. Though I do like the use of different photos showing more of what the short film is about. 
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.09.02.png
With this double page spread has both pictures of the main character, looking at the idea of having them both because it shows more of a romance and doesn’t give anything away bow the narrative. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.16.05.png

Ancillary 2 Planning

After looking at other double page spreads for movies, from magazines. I made a quick mock up of what I want my double page spread to look like, considering my genre of romantic/indie and what my target audience will like more than other designs. This is my quick sketch on what I plan to do for my magazine spread: thumbnail_FullSizeRender.jpgWhen looking at what type of pictures I want to use, I thought using both  in a subtle framing will work well. Though I plan to use more still shots from main piece I plan to have one behind the scene image to show the article isn’t just a review on the movie but telling the audience the facts about making the movie and about the making movie.

Ancillary 2 ideas and research

When looking at the double page spread idea, there is a mixture of different types of pictures that have been put into the double page spread. Some movies (more action movies) show the making of the film, having the actors being filmed as their images within the article. Other double page spread use screenshots throughout the movie to be shown in the article.

As well as looking at the writing review, the quantity of writing is significant as when looking at the structure. Some of double page spread have a very little quantity writing and focus mainly on the images, usually this means they have used a screenshot/poster for their image.

Other double page spreads use screenshots or pictures of the development of filming. This usually connects with the written bit explaining the filming and background information on the film. Looking at this I am not sure if I have another picture thats been taken especially for advertisement or to show the behind the scenes.