Main task: research

When looking at short films to help inspire our idea of memories and looking back upon life, I am across a short film that has a similar idea. This short film goes back upon the memories of the character ‘Death’ from the moment he dies. This is similar to our idea of someone being in limbo and looking back on memories.

The short film has the same genre of memories, the narrative isn’t exactly the same but the idea of memories is influenced throughout the short film, leading from his death. With the narrative, the short film doesn’t even introduce the main character until 45 second in, with only 4.31 minutes of footage (excluding after credits). Where as we want to look at the memories coming up to his death. The short film represents about ‘death’ being a person, who lives a life and grows up the way everyone does, but I believe with this short film the audience can take different meanings from individual audience meaning. The narrative/meaning behind this short film can be to what each individual believe, personally there are many meanings behind this story and thats what I want to portray my short film.

I’ve been inspired by ‘the life of death’ to think about more than one meaning behind each of my short films.


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