Production log 

Today me, Trish and Arnold have decided a date on when we will start to film our test shots! We have decided because our idea for our short films is about memories that our test shots will be about a normal day, we don’t want much if a storyline for our test shots as we decided the shots were more important for testing as the plan for my team is to for our short story focus on the type of shots we take.

We plan to have a eye catching, pleasing shots to develop the memories idea, as the male character will be looking onto his favourite memories! Aswell as doing those test shots,  our team will put together a clip of different shots we want to use in our peice, which will shown in a video naming all the testshots and showing from the audiences view what they look like. This video will not need to be a storyline or have a meaning because it is just a video list of what shots we wish to use in our short story!

We plan to try out our editing and how some of our story line will work, as our main character will be remembering these moments in his life, our audience will want a lead up to that scene (the character will need something to remind him of that memory) so we plan to have photos/Polaroids of the image that’ll spark that memory. We plan to have a picture of the scene ready so we can shoot the scene and then afterwards film the guy picking up the memory, this will be a testshots because my team and I want to see if we can zoom into the picture the actor is holding so the picture and then the camera zooms in and it leads to the next shot of that image where the picture is taken! We plan to test all this out soon and see the results so we can go on with our idea from there, working out any complications as we do.


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